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Hin Rooba Moo New Oromo Music - Jambo Jote mp3

Jambo Jote

Duration of song: 04:59 Size download: 8.55 MB

New Oromo Music Hawwii H Qananii mp3

Duration of song: 04:04 Size download: 6.98 MB

Imaanaa New Oromo Music - Caalaa Bultumee mp3

Caalaa Bultumee

Duration of song: 08:39 Size download: 14.85 MB

Asha Birree Siin Hawwaa New Oromo Music mp3

Duration of song: 05:24 Size download: 9.27 MB

Boontuu Tiyya New Oromo Music - 2k mp3


Duration of song: 05:26 Size download: 9.33 MB

New Ethiopian Oromo Music Khaara Baana By Mohamed Tikka mp3

Duration of song: 05:54 Size download: 10.13 MB

Keeyeron/Kebene Dereje New Oromo Music Official Video mp3

Duration of song: 06:12 Size download: 10.64 MB

Fayyisa Furii " New Oromo Music Jaalala Keetiin mp3

Duration of song: 06:26 Size download: 11.04 MB

Hachalu Hundessa Jirra New Oromo Music mp3

Duration of song: 08:14 Size download: 14.13 MB

New Oromo Music Afro Gisho Mooti Dubrraa Oromo Music mp3

Duration of song: 05:04 Size download: 8.7 MB

Sanyii Leencaa New Oromo Music - Sifan Jaalatoo mp3

Sifan Jaalatoo

Duration of song: 04:58 Size download: 8.53 MB